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What is Vircarda?

Vircarda is an app that holds Virtual Smartcards.

Is Vircarda free of charge?

Yes, Vircarda is a free app.

For which operating systems is Vircarda available?

Vircarda is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

Where can I download Vircarda?

Vircarda is available to download from the iOS Store and Google Play.

I can't download the Vircarda app.

If you can't find the Vircarda app in the relevant app store (iOS Store and Google Play) then your device is not compatible and you will need to use a different device.

If the storage on your device is full, you will either need to add more storage or make room for Vircarda by deleting unused apps already stored on your device.

I've lost/deleted the email/SMS containing my personal registration and PIN.

Please contact your card issuer; they will send you another one.

My card issuer says they have sent me an email containing my personal registration and PIN but I haven't received it.

Check the email didn't get sent to your spam file. If necessary, ask your card issuer to send it to a different email address or to send you an SMS instead.

I've downloaded the Vircarda app but it won't open.

Try deleting the app from your device and reinstalling it.

I have deleted my card. Can I reload it?

Yes, use the 'Add Card' feature and select the appropriate card from the list.

Can I use Vircarda for different types of cards?

Yes, Vircarda has been designed to store multiple Smartcards.

How do I obtain my card issuer's support desk contact details?

The support contact telephone number can be found on the 'Card Details' screen.

The details on my card are wrong.

Contact your card issuer.

One of my cards has been cancelled.

Please contact your card issuer.

One of my cards has disappeared.

You may have deleted your card - you can bring it back by using the 'Add Card' feature.

Your card issuer may have cancelled your card - contact your card issuer to check if this is the case.

My card appears to have expired.

Please contact your card issuer for advice.

I have generated a QR code for my card but when I read it with a QR reader, it doesn't work.

Vircarda generates special secure QR codes that can only be read with apps that have been specifically enabled to do so. Generic QR readers cannot read QR codes generated by Vircarda.

How do I delete a card?

As a card holder, you are not able to delete your card, you can only remove it from your app. If you want to delete your card please contact your card issuer.

How do I enable someone to electronically check my card?

Your card can only be checked electronically using an approved app that is specially enabled to do so. To let someone with an approved app read your card, generate a secure QR code by selecting the 'Read Card' function in Vircarda. The person checking your card reads your QR code and is then able to access the required information stored on your Smartcard

Someone read my card but I didn't get a notification.

Notifications are handled differently on different devices. On most Android and iPhone devices, you can decide whether or not to receive notifications on an app by app basis.

If you are not receiving notifications in Vircarda then go to 'settings' on your device and ensure that 'notifications' are switched 'on'.

As notifications are not 100% reliable across all platforms, it's best to view activity in your Vircarda app on a regular basis for up to date information.

My phone has been lost or stolen; I have a new phone; or I have two devices and I need to transfer my virtual cards between them.

Transferring your Virtual Smartcards to another device is easy.

Simply, download Vircarda from the relevant app store and install it onto your new device.

When you first launch the Vircarda app on your new device, scroll down to the bottom of the registration screen, click the ‘Login' button and enter the same email address and password you used when you registered Vircarda on the original device.

Click on the 'Add Card' button and select the relevant card from the list.

Note: some card issuers impose a delay before the card is downloaded to your new device. This is to help prevent your card being active on two devices at the same time.

I have forgotten my password.

If you forget your password, please select the 'Forgotten Password' option on the login screen. You will be prompted to provide the email address that you used when you first created your Vircarda account. Vircarda will then ask you to select the email address or mobile telephone number (if you provided one) enabling your reset password PIN to be sent to you.

Once you receive your PIN, return to Vircarda and enter the pin number as instructed. Then, enter a new password and re-enter it to confirm.

You will now be able to log back into Vircarda and view your cards.

I am logged out of Vircarda and have forgotten my email address and/or no longer have access to it.

Unfortunately, if you opted not to give a mobile phone number when you set up your account, your account details may not be recoverable. You will need to set up a new Vircarda account and contact your card issuers to ask them to reissue your cards.

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