Virtual Smartcards on your Smartphone

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What's a Virtual Smartcard?

We all use physical Smartcards every day - cards for work showing qualifications, ID cards, cards allowing access, loyalty cards, visitors cards, cards to prove membership of a trade or professional body, gym, golf club or other organisation. So, wouldn't it be great to have a digital version of these on your Smartphone?

Well now you can - they can all be issued digitally providing you with a Virtual Smartcard that is stored in your Vircarda app on your Smartphone.

What you need

All you'll need is for your employer, trade or professional body or sports club to issue you with a Virtual Smartcard using our platform and the rest is simple.

Each time a Virtual Smartcard is set up for you, you will receive an email and/or SMS to advise you of your personal registration number and PIN which you'll need to add your new card to your Vircarda app.


Getting started - Simple, Smart and FREE of charge!

Begin by downloading the Vircarda app from the appropriate app store onto your mobile device


When you first open the Vircarda app

You will be asked to register so that an account can be set up for you


Once this short process is complete

Please follow the simple on-screen instructions to access your Smartcard - You will need the registration number and PIN that was sent to you

Once you've set up Vircarda, other cards can be added.


How it works

Simply, Vircarda stores all your Virtual Smartcards in one app. They can then be:


Card Reading

You select the relevant Smartcard in Vircarda.
You select the 'Read Card' function and Vircarda generates a secure QR Code.
The person checking your card reads your QR code and is then able to access the required information stored on your Smartcard - these QR codes can only be read by approved card reading apps.
You receive a notification that your card has been read with the time and location, where available.